Monday, June 18, 2018

5 Reasons Why I Chose Public Relations

Let's start this topic with a short explanation about Public Relations : “Helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other” (The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). It's basically about communicating, creating mutual understanding, and building relationships. Without any further due, in the next 5 points, I'll try to shed some lights, so you'll understand why I chose Public Relations as my major (and if you're reading this, I think that you should, too!) So, let's get into it!

1. I wanna make money from doing the thing I love—talking.
Back when I was still in school, I was the only student in class who's always excited about prepping for presentations and oral tests. Weird, I know. But, I dreamt to continue the rest of my education doing only it—talking and everything practical.
Little did I know that It wasn't impossible, until I found out about the major PR, did some important research about it, discussed and assured my parents to let me take PR as my major (it was SO HARD! Cause their ideas about PR was like meh.) Till I finally convinced myself and everyone around that I am wholeheartedly choosing PR and willing to give my life and future deeper into it.
Turns out that this decision is one of the best thing I've ever made in my entire life. Yes, I enjoyed every single process and progress I got to experience in PR. I can see a whole clearer big picture of PR itself, just to find myself falling in love with it over and over again each time. Knowing that PR is one of the most important roles needed, nowadays, in companies and businesses have enlightened my parents' perspectives about my future in PR sphere. Thank God, thank God! LOL. Anyways, I'll be having my first ever internship for PR in this upcoming August and I am psyched for it! ✨

2. Obliged me to improve my languages skill.
I was raised as a bilingual. Bahasa and english are my mother tongue. Hence, many have found out that my comprehension of Bahasa is not that good. Especially, with its formal language, some say it was horrible!
But, as I'm learning about PR, this major has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and so I did! I encouraged myself to enrich my Bahasa comprehension. I started to read, explain verbally, write poetry, and doing exam in Bahasa for these past couple of years. I'm glad that I've seen a great results from the efforts I made. Not only with Bahasa, but also with my english and Mandarin skills. I don't stop myself there, I am now learning a bit of Spanish and French. If I look back to where I was and realized how far I've made, it is still so mind-blowing! PR has drown me this far. Crazy!

3. Bigger chance to broadened my horizon.
Well, as an extrovert, I could say that I'm pretty good at making new friends and i found it easy to talk with anyone. But, I see PR as my stepping stone to meet those potential people whom I would want to link myself with. As a future-oriented person, I think it's important to have a significant progress in every aspect, hence I never want to stop broadening my horizon, cause I might need anyone's help in anytime. 
PR is well-known as the only role in companies which can make a good relationships with anyone in the company, so, I'd like to use the chance as my stepping stone to live a better life. My dream is bigger than just this, of course, I will explain a little bit more about my dream in the next two points.

4. I'm all about creating good image and building relationships.
As explained a bit about relationships in the previous point above, I think these two can be categorized as my gifts, and I want my gifts to be able to do some huge impacts for others. PR is about doing things for others, generously and wholeheartedly. So, I thought to myself, like, why not linking my heaven-given-gifts to my dream job?
Instead of only creating a good image for myself and building strong and valued relationships with my circle and succeeded in both of it, why don't I help other companies to save their reputations while sustaining their relationships with the customer and its public? Brilliant— and sounds heroic, too, I could say. Jokes! Related to the first point I've mentioned, I truly want to do what I love and I sure want to love what I do. So, I guess, you've got the point, yeah?

5. PR for my entrepreneurship dream.
Moving on to my favorite "last-but-not-least" part, Here's a little secret I never told anyone publicly; since I was 9, I dream to have my own brand. I thought that my parents have given me this pretty names not only for just it, but it was made for more! Hehe. So, as I learnt great things from PR in uni, I've applied some of the knowledge I got to create my own brand—Christelle.
It is still a mini start-up-business, still in the making, but I'm just too sure that everything that I've learnt and going to learn from PR will be so needed to be applied for the future of my brand. I believe that we are all capable to achieve our dreams, we were made for so many great things, educate that beautiful mind of yours! ❤


Written by Michelle Kristle Josephila

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