Friday, April 27, 2018

a bit about me.

hello and welcome to my little space of the internet, oui for life! it's really nice to meet you all. this space is where i share bits and pieces of my life's adventures. 

a bit about me: i am the only child in the family, and my mom is single parent. my father passed away when i was three years old, so there's only two family members in my family. my mom and i stay in different city, so it's a long distance relationship, too. i'm both enfj and entj. i love travelling, i love things adventureous sometimes. i love meeting new people, learning about psychology things, and some political/ law issues. 

unlike others,  i wish i can gain my weight but it's a lil bit hard because my metabolism is too fast. this will always be my resolution. in my free time, i love watching youtube, drama series, or doing sports. i love music and dolphins. 

i hope through this blog, you can say 'oui' to your life and enjoy your life's simple joys. thanks for following along!

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