2017 | ALIVE

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

As January starts, let's us ring in 2017 by spreading love unconditionally, not only to people we know, but also to people we don't know, not only to people we love, but also to people we hate. I pray that within this year, people can spread the love feverishly and respect one another. Let's make people around us feel loved. Let us treat people with kindness and respect. Let us make this world a little brighter. Forget about the heartbreak, people's faults, and all things that hurt our hearts. Our small acts make a big difference. No matter what society proclaims, let us do what we believe. Let us do what is right. Let us be true. Let us set a good standard for our generation, how to love and how to respect one another. Remember the word, your breath is temporary, so don't waste it. Invest your life wisely. Let us truly live.