Wednesday, October 26, 2016

March 2015.  I still remembered it was Sunday. I was sitting right under cold air conditioner at the church. It was so cold. During the service, I couldn’t focus to the sermon. I tried my best to make my body warm. I wasn’t only feeling cold and sick, I also got a big headache. Right after service, I asked my friend to find me something hold. They gave me a glass of hot milk. After my body stopped shaking, I went home.

I was thinking I got cold so I chose to take a rest, hoping that I would get better after a long sleep.  After two days, I wasn’t feeling better. I still had my fever and headache. I decided to meet the doctor. At the hospital, they asked me to take blood test. I took the test and the result wasn’t good. I got types and dengue fever.

Long story short, I was hospitalized.  It was the first time ever. It was the first time being hospitalized, infused, and I didn’t like it. I was hospitalized for five days. I ate everything that would make me healed. I drank ang kak water, guava juice, date palm, and a lot of water.

After five days, the doctor said that I could leave the hospital. I took a rest for a week at home. After several days, I could go back to my routine life. I was doing my thesis. Right after three weeks, my body was dropped again. I didn’t know why but yeah it happened.  I went to the doctor again and he said that I got types (again). That time, I was scared. I was scared to die.

I took a rest for two weeks and I wasn’t feeling better at all. It was getting worse than ever. My stomach acid was increased. I got sleep problem. I couldn’t sleep and I was scared to sleep. My hands and feet got cold. The heartbeat wasn’t normal too. I felt my stomach bloated. I felt something bleeding inside my mouth/ throat. It was that bad.

I didn’t know what to do. I spent every single day crying, crying and crying. There were so many tears. I was scared to death.  It was the lowest point of my life. I never felt scared like that before. I realize that I didn’t believe God. I asked myself, 

Where is my faith?
Why don't I believe in God?

The sea turned so rough. My life got tough. My heart was broken. I listened to one song that gave me courage to get through this season.  It reminded me that His Word stands strong, His love won’t fail, and He is more than enough for me. 

BIKRAM YOGA : Is It Worth the Sweat?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Yoga. I think this is the last exercise I would like to try in my life. One variant of yoga : Bikram Yoga. It was 90 minutes in a room heated to 42 degrees centigrade. I would do yoga if Blair Waldorf does. 

Last Sunday, I got the chance to try Bikram Yoga at Union Yoga. That was my first time. You know, I thought it would be so boring, but I was so wrong! I took class at 8.00 AM on Sunday morning. First I came to the class, there were four people ready with their yoga mat and one instructor. 

The class started. The instructor began to give instruction for the poses. You know, it was my first time. I forgot to googling the day before. I had no clue about the poses. It was embarrassing honestly. I just followed the man beside me. At the middle of the class, the instructor asked my name and He knew that it was my first time. He said that I was really good at balancing. Yeah! 

After 60 minutes, you'll have sweat dripping to your mat. It was so hot for me. My clothes was utterly sodden. Even the instructor was sweating. Trust me, all this sweating was worth it. Yoga has changed my mind. That was totally fun. For the first 10 poses, I thought when the class would end. Then, my mind has changed and I would like to join again. 

There are so many things I lear from Bikram yoga. I have no idea that my body could be that flexible and I can achieve more than I think. Now I know why people are addicted to yoga. It's worth the sweat!