Sunday, February 14, 2016
So, hey guys.

For this Valentine, I will do guest-blogging with my talented friend, Imanuel Gouw. Since we both are single, we have the opportunity to judge what a good spouse should do since no one will get mad at us if we do this. Hahaha. I hope you enjoy this piece. Have a great Valentine!

I also write on his blog, too.


In spite of being single for the past 5 years, I always be the one whom my friends talk to when they have problems with their loved ones. It’s been an honor to share some of my relationship advice to all my friends, and now to you, my beloved readers.

Being single has its own perks for me. I get to learn from all kind of relationship drama without have to be in one. This valuable insights bottle up to something I would call: the recipe for perfect girlfriend. Well, at least I think these are the things that guys hope their girls have.

1. She shouldn’t have to be pretty, just be eye-catchy.

In contrast to popular belief that tells girls should be pretty, guys find that not all pretty girls are worth the attention. Well that doesn’t mean it’s okay not to take care of yourself. It means that sometimes, look is not everything.

Just like girls, boys have the ideal type. But that’s that. The ideal type is a good-to-have type, not necessarily a must-have criteria. So you don’t have to as cute as Emma Stone to catch boys’ attention. Just be as cute as you can be.

I think the term is eye-catchy. You just have to catch our attention, at first. I shouldn’t lie and tell you that guys don’t care about pretty girls. We do but that’s not enough. Guys, no matter how shallow you think we are, want a relationship with girl that connects well with him.

Your face may catch the attention but, in the end, it’s your everything that catches the heart.

2. She should be independent enough to be on her own, yet needy enough when she’s with her boyfriend.

Okay, here’s a little surprise: spoiled girls are a big turn-off.
With spoiled, I mean: princess-like, Barbie-on-steroids attitude.

You’re scared of cockroaches? That’s cute.
You can’t ride any car that has more than two seats? Uh, bye, Paris.

Guys like to pamper their girls but we have limits, as well. Some things are just intolerable.

So just make sure, you act accordingly. Sometimes cute like Rachel, sometimes strong like Monica, but always be as adventurous as Phoebe. (If you don’t get this joke, go watch the funniest sitcom men ever watched.)

3.  She should have that one thing.

Nothing is cuter than seeing a girl with a clear direction of what she wants to do with her life. Just spare us, your future baby-daddy, a room.

When a girl has that one thing, it tells a lot about herself. Be it singing, building your own fashion label, doing a corporate career, playing tennis, or even advocating koalas (hey, that’s cute), guys like girls with vision.

When you know what you wanna do with your life, it means you’re taking things seriously. You don’t just go with the flow, because, you know, the flow is always going down. I, myself, always find my friends fall faster to girls with that one thing: girls with clear direction of their life.

It’s also tell us that you know that you are in charge in your life. You don’t wait for you Prince Charming to come to you. You have that can-do attitude. You know you create your own happiness. And happy girlfriends mean happy boyfriends.

Well, the list can go on and on but I think those three things cover the essentials. I hope you guys have a great Valentine!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016
credit: www,pexels.com
It's been a month for me thinking about it. I sold my old camera last month and think to buy the new one. I googled it so many times, reading many reviews and still couldn't decide the best camera for me. My options are Fujifilm XA-2 and Olympus Pen E-PL 7. I googled it and found many bloggers use this Olympus Pen E-PL 7, including my favorite blogger. I do love the photo result and also the camera design but only few people use Olympus in Indonesia, if you compare to Fujifilm/Canon/Samsung. Fujifilm is much more popular than the other in South East Asia. I need some recommendation for this. It is not for professional use, it's just for personal use and also for blogging/ vlogging. 

What camera do you use? Should I buy Fujifilm XA-2 or Olympus Pen E-PL 7? Or any camera you recommend me to buy? 




Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I am family oriented. I love being around my family. They make me comfortable with myself. They are the closest circle in my life. People who introduced me to this world. Then, As I grow up, I discover new thing, named friendship.

From kids until now I’ve had many kinds of friends. The intellectual, the bodyguard, the “mom”, the “younger sister”, and many more. Some of them stay until now, and some of them not. These special relationships do more than I expect. I learn about forgiveness, acceptance, and love. Researchers also find out that friends help us live longer. Friendship has bigger impact on our psychological well-being. I am so grateful to have genuine friendships. People who will support and make me want to be better version of me. People who treat me like their own family. I share with you 3 things we can learn from genuine friendship.