Monday, January 18, 2016
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Growing as a Christian, I always wonder how God talks to me. Will He talk to me directly? Or Will He talk to me through my dreams or anything else? When I was a kid, this is what I thought,  I told my mom that I couldn’t listen to Him because I really have no idea in which way God will speak to me. It was frustrating (for me).

I know God speaks to His people. He talks to Job, Paul, Abraham, Jacob, and etc. Living in a Christian family, I saw that my mother also can talk to God and God can talk to her. I still remember, there was a moment when I asked my mother how to listen to His voice, and my mother encouraged me to learn to listen to His voice.

At the beginning, it was hard for me to listen because I couldn’t even know if it is God’s voice or my own voice but I know that I must try to listen for God’s voice in my life. Hearing God’s voice will be benefical for us.

In Job 33: 14-17, For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it. He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds. He whispers in their ears and terrifies them with warnings. He makes them turn from doing wrong; He keeps them from pride.

The bible says, that He speaks to us again and again, and what should we do? We need to listen. The question is, How do we listen? There are several steps I follow to hear God’s voice:

1. Desire to listen to Him.
At first, to be able to listen to His voice, We must desire ourselves to listen for God’s voice. If we let Him speak, He will speak.

2. Try, try, and try.
Hearing God’s voice could be so easy or other way.   All we need to do is Pray. Ask. Pray again. If you still couldn’t listen to His voice. Pray again. Ask Him and tell Him that you are ready to listen.

3. Be available.
I read several articles about this topic, and I agree with this point. We can’t hear His voice if our lives are far from His presence. We need to make time for Him.

4. Build relationship.
As you get closer to Him, you will get easier to hear His voice. As parents know their baby’s voice, or you can identify your parents’ voice, it happens to your relationship with God. Build strong relationship with God so you can identify His voice.

It’s a lifetime learning. Ask Him to guide your actions. 


What is your stories?


  1. I love talking to God because I know He listens and He also answers. Pertama kali aku belajar denger suara Tuhan, aku cobanya itu ke temen. Tanya Tuhan, temen aku lagi butuh apa atau apa yang mau Tuhan sampein buat temen aku, dan hal saat itu yang muncul dihatiku, aku langsung sampein dan ternyata puji Tuhan tepat. Kalo mau denger suara Tuhan buat orang lain, kita mesti punya hati mau memberkati orang itu. Roh kudus bekerja dengan cepat pas kita punya hati mau memberkati. Denger suara Tuhan juga bisa lewat kata-kata, penglihatan (ngeliat gambar), dan impresi (perasaan). Dan 1 lagi, suara Tuhan mendatangkan damai sejahtera. Kalo ga damai, maybe it's not God's voice :)


    1. Yes so true!! thanks for sharing your story!! I look forward to hear more stories from you :)

  2. you inspired me so much Ivana ! Loved the post and started following you
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  3. nice sharing! yes, it takes time and process but in the end everything will turn out beautifully :) Gbu


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  5. Your blog is the best ! Its my story http://alllko.blogspot.com/2014/01/moja-historia-ludzkie-doswiadczenie.html

  6. Lovely post, make me realize its been awhile since last time I talked to Him personally...

    btw how to follow your blog? I couldn't find it.



  7. I don't talk to god as much as I should, but I think about him and pray everyday. I think we all do it in our own way, as everyone is different. But it's so much better having something to believe in as opposed to believing in nothing. It often is what keeps me going: thinking that He always has a better plan than I think.

    Ella Pinto xx