Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Who doesn’t love foods? We do love it. To make delicious food with great presentation on the table, all chefs need time. I watched one of cooking show when all judges are great chefs and on the last episode, all chefs must compete to make a delicious food around 45 minutes. You know what? One of the chefs missed something. There was fishbone on the plate.

We are all human. We are not perfect and we could miss something, and I want to tell you that it is okay to miss something. For everything we do, everything we choose, there will be compensation. There will be risk for every act we take. If we missed something, the journey is getting longer. We need to fix it first. You are wasting time. There are four words my pastor always told, “Work Hard, Work Smart”.

When I wrote this, I discussed with my mother about process. Like the story above, if we just have little time, we will miss something through process, even the 5-stars class chef could missed something. What do you want to last? Relationships, careers, or whatever it is, we need to love the process.

“We tend to rush for something we want to last a long time”

Besides there will be something missed through the process, we also can make the process as our time to build the foundation. We can improve ourselves, our mentality, our character and of course our heart. People said that it is easy to get but hard to keep. Yeah, when we don’t have the capacity for what we get, we can lose it easily. That’s why when we are on the process, we are building and strengthen the foundation.

“Rushing through process tends us to make more mistakes”

Through the process, we also have more time to analyze and evaluate. It is like in a relationship, we have time to evaluate whether he or she is right for us or not. We want the best for ourselves, but if we don’t make a time to evaluate, how do we know it is best for us or not?

There is beauty for all processes we had and we can’t compare each stage. My process is different from yours. Enjoy every stage, enjoy the process, and you will get what you want to last a long time.

Love and Hugs,


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