Friday, April 24, 2015

My time in Bromo was wonderful! I was captivated by the panorama. Beautiful. Bromo is a touristy place. Every part of it are worth for the pictures. so breath-taking. On this post I will share to you my experience and some tips for you. Hope it will help you guys!

First, you need to arrange the plan. 
When will you go? I recommend you to go June- October. I was there on December, and voila, it was raining in the morning so I couldn't see the sunrise. You know, the most popular thing from Bromo is the sun rising so you don't want to miss it. 

The second question is where you will go. You can go there by Surabaya or Malang. I went from Malang and it spent 4- 5 hours by car so you need to go at 1 A.M or 2 A.M or maybe earlier so you can get the sunrise. 

You can also stay around Bromo. There are so many hostels around Bromo, but for this one, I can't recommend you because I never try the hostel. 

Second, the preparation. 
Because the weather is cold at the top of Bromo, so you need the jacket, scarf, beanie, sneakers, socks, and gloves (mask if you need it). Please ladies, do not use sandals, flip flop or heels. When I was there, from the dawn until 8 A.M, the weather was really cold, but after 9 A.M, you can deal with the cold. 

You also need to bring cash money to buy the foods, the transportation, or maybe if you want to ride a horse. 

Third, Trip to Bromo
There are several tours who can pick you in Malang so they can pick you from your hotel, or the train station in Malang. When I went there, I went to near Bromo by my own car then I rented the jeep to go to Bromo Mountain. For the jeep, you can rent it for only IDR 550.000-650.000 (six persons). They will bring you to Gunung Penanjakan (for the sunrise), bukit Teletubbies, Pasir Berbisik, and Savannah. 

The drivers are so kind. They are talkative, they want to help you taking the pictures. there is no need to worry. 

If you want to ride a horse, it was around IDR 20.000- 30.000 but the horse will only bring you from the car park until the foot of the moutain then you need to climb up the stairs if you want to go to the top of the mountain. If you just want to take pic with the horse, you only pay for IDR 10.000. 

For the food, you can find bakso, soto ayam, mie instan, bakpau, siomay, and many more in there. There are not expensive. It will around IDR 10.000- 30.000 for the foods and drinks. 

The place is so beautiful. Don't forget to bring your camera, polaroid, or anything. 







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  2. Thanks for the tips! Really helpful. I planned on going there at Idul Fitri's holiday this year, do you think there will be so crowded? And will it be annoying with so much people when all we want is taking picture and enjoying sunrise/sunset?

    1. You're welcome!
      Since it will be on holiday season, so i guess yes it'll be crowded so you need to book for the jeep earlier. umm who will be annoyed? I think other people won't care about it so relax.
      Tips from me, you must go with people who are like to take pics too so they could enjoy the trip too.

  3. Unbelievable! It looks like you had such a great time! I hope I will go there one time, too!
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  4. Wonderful pictures, your blog is amazing!

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