Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Immature. We had this stage. It was our problem. I don’t say that being immature/ childish is bad – everybody had that stage when they were kids, but as time goes by, we are learning new things, and we have choice to be mature or still at our stage for being childish.

I had conversation last night with my old friend. I haven’t met her for 3 or 4 years. By the conversation, I can see that she’s really mature. We talked about life, jobs, church, until we talk about future. We talked about what kind of partner we will choose for marriage life, and it doesn’t surprise me at all when she said that she wanted someone who is mature. 

You know the law of attraction?

You are attractive for people who are like you

 If you are caring person, so you will be attractive for caring men. It is the same, when you don’t love yourself, and you wish people will love you too. When I wrote this, I hope the first action you choose is being mature people, so you can attract mature people.

I write three reasons why you should date mature people.

1. He/ She is not complainer (negative ways).
It’s hard to have a good day or productive day when you have someone complaining all day. Trust me, you can’t be positive when you have complainer around you. I read several articles about complainer and the ugly truth is they may not even realize that they complain (so much). Mature people will not try to blame anything. They will try to deal with the problems. Mature people will always find the way to solve the problem.

2. He/ She respect you.
Mature people will not insult or disrespect others. They don’t put people down. As a couple, we, as an individual, are different. We need to respect feelings, opinions, choices, and many more. Every human being deserves respect, and for me, respect is one of keys for successful relationships.

3.  He/She is reliable.
Mature people will take responsibility and you can count on them. Reliable person is someone you can trust and we all know relationship is built on trust. When we get married, there will be so many works to do, and it will make it easier when your partner is reliable. 

As you seek for your partner, I truly hope this writing can help you. I'm walking with you on this journey.

Love and Hugs,


What are your thoughts?


  1. This is very good and very true! Its hard to find someone mature tho, and never found one quite yet (well for companion I mean). Its hard to really become a reliable person and even harder to find one.

    1. Yeah it's not easy to become one of them and also find them. It's what we know as a process. Maybe it's hard but it's still possible :)

  2. Indeed, it is possible, because you writing and knowing this is already a step closer to that. And its actually a never ending process, just like learning :)