Friday, August 15, 2014

Hello friends. Like what I said on the last post, I was in Lampung with National Geographic Indonesia team for seminar and photo hunting. I was there from last Wednesday until today, and here I am, back in Jakarta, home sweet home. Lampung is great, even I just only had a little time in there, but thanks Lampung for keripik pisang and kerupuk, and for people on the internet who recommended me some places in Lampung, like Saburai, Yen Yen, thanks mate! I will go there again to enjoy islands in Teluk Lampung, people say that's amazing. 

First day ( Wednesday), I met Nat Geo Indo team at Kompas Gramedia Kebon Jeruk on 4.30 AM. You know when I joined this project I didn't know anyone, but yeah, make friends. I met two girls, who are older than me from IPB, kak Fatma and Lena, then Valda and Patrisia. Thanks for being good companies, girls. 

For you guys who wants to go to Lampung by ferry, you should go to Merak harbour first, 2 hours from Jakarta, then you will be in ferry for 3 hours then arrive in Bakauheni harbour. I don't know why but I enjoy the trip, I didn't get any sea sick at all. Yeah I am an adventure-traveller. I recommend you to bring or buy some meals first before the trip, because the price in ferry is quite expensive, like always (that's not secret anymore). 

From Bakauheni harbour to Lampung city, you need to travel around 3 hours. I was staying at Amalia Hotel, and I was happy, love the interior, the room is clean, also the toilet. They have health centre, including fitness centre, sauna, spa, and other treatments. Unfortunately, they don't have swimming pool, but I think they will have soon. I recommend you to stay in there. 

At night, I was having dinner at Puspa Ayu restaurant, near the hotel. I also recommend you. The food tastes good, you will not dissappoint. First time I had beent there, there was singer ( old man) who entertained us, he sang Quando Quando Quando with his heart. interesting. 

For you who wants to buy Lampung's foods and snacks like keripik pisang, kerupuk, manisan Lampung, et cetera, I recommend you Yen-Yen store. I don't the exact place, but It is in Telu. The price are cheap, and they offer you many kind of them. I bought keripik pisang, and kerupuk. Keripik pisang (chocolate, vanilla, coffee) IDR 8.500/ keripik pisang. Quite cheap, right? Coffee taste is real good. I do love it. Keripik udang, cumi, ikan tenggiri are around IDR 16.000- 25.000/ kerupuk. I bought six keripik pisang and four kerupuk for family and friends. 

I want to thank @infoLampungcity and its followers who recommended me some places. Thanks.

^^Merak Harbour- Banten^^

^^ I will never get bored watching this view^^
^^ this is where I stay. I recommend it to you. The place, service, and the food are good!^^

^^me and room-mate, Putri. nice meeting you, Putri^^


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