Gardens By The Bay

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Hello world!  How are you doing? After those busy weeks, as you know I just finished my 5th semester and now am on my way to 6th semester. Yeayy! 
Today I want to share with you my experience went to garden by the bay in Singapore. I was there with my family and those photos were taken by my favorite person, Sonia. Over all that was a great place. With those views and many trees, and the bridge, you should go there. 
As you see my photos, I was standing around 128 feets from the ground, that's awesome! You only have to pay $5 and you can see the beautiful of Singapore. I am the one that kind of scared of height so there are some bittersweet in that moment lols. When the wind comes you can feel the bridge which it's like whoaa. But it's safe. Totally safe as long as you don't try to jump.